HB 2.0

A new wind is blowing through the studio.

Refounder Daisy Plas gives the unique and heartwarming style,
that characterizes Hampton Bays, a contemporary upgrade.

"Color is my favorite power!
A powerful message that reflects the core of our Belgian jersey label.

In New York the "Hampton Bays" stand as an icon for
a moment of relaxation, a break from the daily grind.
We love that feeling of 'really' being away for a while.
This iconic image remains the expression of our brand, of our designs.
up to and including communication.

Positive, relaxed, pure, honest, spontaneous and dynamic.

The story


our new winter

For fall-winter 2020 we leave our mark once again.

Colorful, comfortable & suitable for
any time of day. The new collection
brings with it 3 themes:


The main colors
neon yellow, bright orange and warm pink
can be perfectly combined and
encourage the sub-collections to mix
for an even greater fashion content.

Look as long as you want, we sell "happiness!"

this is how our new winter looks like

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